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OUR Story.

The real reason we opened Lola's, is because we missed Mexican food, and couldn't find a real margarita anywhere.


Both owners spent a lot of time in Mexico before making Bali home. The idea was created in the surf breaks of Canggu, and snowballed into a restaurant reality a few months later. 

With no proper education or experience in restaurants or hospitality in general, we can honestly say, we fully winged it. And it worked.

Our goal was to create a fun, casual, loud, and energetic restaurant atmosphere that gave customers a little taste of Mexican spirit in the middle of Bali.


We wanted to create a restaurant that we would actually go to twice a week if it wasn't ours. We are flattered to realize that many other people would come too. Here we are years later making plans for a 3rd location. 

Cheers Amigos


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